A Deep Dive into Digital Transformation with Civica

The power of digital transformation: how Australian councils are achieving a green tech future, providing better citizen services and moving close to the Holy Grail of IT.

A Deep Dive into federated information governance with Objective

With data sprawl and data silos an exponentially growing issue for the public sector, federated information management helps organisations remain compliant with governance regulations and maintain high levels of security  – without moving their data. Bad news: information silos will always exist. Good news: Not a problem! The bad news is that information silos will […]

 A Deep Dive into environmental, social and corporate governance with Interflow

Sometimes, forward-thinking has to do with innovation. Often it has to do with professionalism and skills and good commercial decision making. But today, there’s another vital ingredient in the recipe for business success – ESG, or environmental, social and governance. For further information, please visit www.interflow.com.au.


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