Western Melbourne overtakes the Gold Coast on population growth

By Angela Dorizas The western edge of Melbourne has become the fastest growing region in Australia, according to new research. KPMG demographer Bernard Salt said the municipalities of Wyndham and Melton added 18,000 new residents over the past 12 months to June 2009. They have overtaken the Gold Coast by 1000 residents to become Australia’s […]

Baby boomers defy seachange trend

By Angela Dorizas Baby Boomers planning to remain in the family home during retirement will put pressure on local government to deliver key services, a new report has found. In a study of baby boomers living in Melbourne’s City of Monash, KPMG demographer Bernard Salt found that almost 70 per cent of the baby boomer […]

Financial crisis will alter Gen Y, says expert

By Rob O’Brien Generation Y, widely thought of as the young, hip and self-assured product of the Baby Boomers is being hugely affected by the financial crisis, according to leading KPMG demographer Bernard Salt. For the first time in their lives they are learning the meaning of ‘no’, Salt told GovernmentNews. Addressing delegates at the […]

Councils will ‘bear brunt’ of generational change

The ageing population will place a strain on local government. Image: iStock. By Rob O’Brien Local governments are facing a decade of strain on their services thanks to a two-pronged attack by huge population growth and an ageing nation, leading KPMG demographer Bernard Salt has warned. Addressing the Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) conference in […]

Peak humanity raises security concerns

By Angela Dorizas As the world nears ‘peak humanity’ there will be greater demand for security within Australia, says leading demographer and social commentator Bernard Salt. “The world’s population will peak at around about 9 billion in the year 2070,” Salt said at the recent ASIAL Security 2009 conference in Sydney. “When we reach this […]


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