EPA defends new drinks deposit scheme in NSW

South Australia has been running a successful CDS since 1977. Pic: Adelaide Hills Recycling Centre.

By Ben Hagemann 

With the upcoming introduction of a new Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in NSW due for in June 2017, a peak body for the convenience industry has voiced concerns over the timeframe of the rollout.Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) CEO Jeff Rogut urged the government to “consider a staged implementation of the CDS”.With the state Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) due to appoint a CDS scheme co-ordinator and collection network operator in April 2017, Mr Rogut said this would leave only a short time for implementation of the scheme.


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This story first appeared in C&I Week. 

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4 thoughts on “EPA defends new drinks deposit scheme in NSW

  1. Heres something for you Jeff Rougett SUCK IT UP Maggot you and your Consumer Gouging Retailers have had Plenty of Advance Notice so START paying the Deposit back SCUM! Absolutely NO SYMPATHY or EMPATHY for you or your organisation! about Bloody Time.

  2. you have to wonder who will make money out of this.apparently you can only cash them in at certain locations and certain quantities.wont stop people littering.

  3. Yet in SA we can take any amount in, and the Scout Association here runs some of the biggest collection points and put money back into the system to keep costs down and pretty much each town (big) has a recycling centre. And you don’t see much rubbish on the sides of the roads here as well.

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