2000 public servants sign letter against Palestine ‘genocide’

More than 2000 public servants across federal, state and local government have presented Prime Minister Anthony Albanese with a letter condemning what they say is the government’s complicity in a genocide in Palestine.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

“We call on the Australian Government to take swift and decisive action to end its support of the genocide, ethnic cleansing and illegal occupation of Palestine by immediately ceasing all military exports to Israel,” the letter signed by 2074 public servants says.

It says Australia may be violating international law and may be complicit in criminal warfare, and notes Canada, Belgium, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands have already suspended arms exports in  line with a UN resolution.

It comes after UK Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which represents civil servants, reportedly requested a meeting with the Department for Business and Trade to discuss “the legal jeopardy faced by civil servants” who are involved in overseeing arms exports to Israel.

The letter says bombs are being dropped on Gaza by warplanes with parts manufactured in Australia, and the drone that killed Australian aid worker Zomi Frankcom was made by a company that was awarded nearly $1 billion by Australia in February.

It says Pine Gap  near Alice Springs is also supplying intelligence to the Israeli military.

The letter demands

  • Cease supplying all military parts and weapons to Israel
  • Cease providing reconnaissance support from Pine Gap
  • Cancel all contracts and cooperation with Israeli weapons suppliers, including a $917 million contract with Elbit Systems
  • Disclose all information relating to the sale of military export licences to Australian companies supplying weapons and weapons components to Israel

Comment has been sought from the Prime Minister.

Israel launched war on Gaza after Hamas militants invaded Israel on October 7 2023, killing and taking Israeli civilians hostages.

Hamas has defended its attack as retaliation against crimes and injustices by Israel.

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One thought on “2000 public servants sign letter against Palestine ‘genocide’

  1. Good on those public servants for speaking out and congratulations to Government News for reporting it.
    I can’t recall it being reported elswhere although it’s a significant news item.
    When the ICJ has found that there’s a plausible argument that Israel is commiting genocide in Gaza and the evidence of deliberate starvation and indiscriminate killing seems overwhelming, people need to take a stand.

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