Hunters dropped in NSW National Parks gun fight

By Julian Bajkowski The New South Wales O’Farrell government has squeezed the trigger on a deeply unpopular push by the shooter’s lobby to gain much greater access to the state’s National Parks, forests and reserves by abolishing the highly controversial Game Council of NSW that had been put in charge of controlling the amateur hunting […]

Councils stung by cuts to wasp program

The Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) has warned that cuts to the State Govenrment’s European Wasp program will put public health at risk. The Department of Agriculture and Food has terminated the nest removal and destruction component of the 32-year –old program. WALGA president Troy Pickard said this decision will result in wasps becoming […]

Nation’s big bunny count

Councils and communities across the country have completed the Great Australian Rabbit Census. Image: iStock. By Rachel Borchardt To mark the 150th anniversary of the wild pest rabbit release in Australia, organisations and individuals across the country have been working on how to limit the damage caused by the fury nuisance. During RabbitScan month, which was […]


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