Leadership needed on Sydney and Melbourne’s growth, says Infrastructure Australia

A new report from Infrastructure Australia is calling for the Federal Government to take leadership in securing the global competitiveness of Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne. The report recommends that the Government establish a framework of incentives to improve the productivity, liveability and affordability of our largest cities. “Australia’s cities are the powerhouses […]

Australian cities rank poorly in mobility

Australia’s major cities fare badly in a recently released global ranking of mobility – how well they allow their citizens to move around. The ranking of 100 global cities, the ‘Sustainable Cities Mobility Index 2017: Bold Moves’, was published by Arcadis, a major Dutch engineering and management consultancy. Each city is rated on three factors: […]

Major Melbourne makeover – new suburbs planned

Two separate announcements this week have shown a glimpse of Melbourne’s future. The city is evolving rapidly and will soon regain its former position as Australia’s largest city. In the 19th century, fuelled by money from the gold rushes, the city was called ‘Marvellous Melbourne’. In just 40 years it grew from a village on […]

Sydney and Melbourne should be ‘polycentric cities’

As the population of Australia’s two largest cities push towards the 5 million mark, increasing attention is being paid to urban sprawl and the need for people to live closer to where they work. Many people in Australia say that Australia’s two megacities are getting too big, but they are minnows on the world scale. […]


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