Business as (un)usual

Local government must change the way it operates to cope with myriad future challenges. Angela Dorizas reports. Stable or lower government grants, increased service demands from an ageing population, infrastructure backlogs, the implementation of government climate change initiatives: these are just some of the future challenges councils can expect. In his address to the recent […]

Elected officials responsible for financial decisions: Woodward

By Rob O'Brien New guidelines on council investments will ensure that elected officials do not delegate financial decision making, according to the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. Deputy Director General (Local Government), for the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Ross Woodward, told delegates at the Government News Local Government Investment Conference in Sydney that new […]

Councils ignored fiduciary responsibilities

 Michael Cole. Image: Hugh O’Brien. By Angela Dorizas Councils that claimed to be in accordance with state legislation when investing in CDOs ignored their fiduciary responsibilities, the author of the Cole Report has said. In a keynote address to the Government News Local Government Investment Conference, the author of the 2008 inquiry into council investments, […]

Councils doing ‘business as un-usual’

By Angela Dorizas The financial sustainability of local government will be closely examined at an investment conference in Sydney next week. In his keynote address to the Local Government Investment Conference, Local Government Managers Australia (LGMA) chief executive, John Ravlic, will explore the significant challenges councils will face over the next decade. Mr Ravlic said […]

Cole to speak at investment conference

By Staff Writer The author of a 2008 report into faulty council investments has signed up to speak at an investment conference in Sydney next month. Michael Cole, author of the Cole Report, will open proceedings at the Local Government Investment Conference in Sydney on March 9.   Mr Cole sits on the Board of […]


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