NSW overhauls contingent workforce recruitment

By Staff writers New South Wales Minister for Finance and Services, Greg Pearce, has pushed on with a shake-up to open the state government’s procurement machinery to a wider array of suppliers, with human resources and recruitment services now squarely in the frame. Recent changes ushered in by Mr Pearce’s department have been revealed in […]

Stay alert for government jobs

Government industry jobs are now deliverable directly to inboxes for interested parties who subscribe to job alerts. Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of a Job Alert, where job seekers select criteria such as classification, work type, location, or salary, and have jobs matching those criteria emailed directly to them. The evolution of internet […]

Targeting times for online job boards

While free job ads have undoubted appeal, the enduring success of a jobs website lies in how well it can target, and then actually reach, all of the potential job market.  That includes those hard to reach people who didn’t even know they wanted to move.   When it comes to online job boards, while […]

Jobs portal with reach

Training reservation portal, mytraining.net and The Intermedia Group have partnered together to create a jobs board that includes dedicated jobs for those in the public sector.   The partnership will see mytraining.net become the provider of training and education content for job board – Jobla, officially launched earlier this month.   Human Group’s managing director, […]


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