Referendum teeters as Rudd makes King latest Local Government Minister

By Julian Bajkowski and Paul Hemsley Australia’s 565 councils and shires have been handed their third federal minister for Local Government in as many months on the back of an inevitable reshuffle following the second incarnation of Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister. Member for Ballarat, Catherine King has been elevated into Cabinet under a simplified […]

Broadcast bids called for Brisbane G20 summit by PM&C

By Paul Hemsley The Federal and Queensland governments are banking that the eyes of the world will be on Brisbane when the river city hosts the high powered G20 Summit in 2014, but to get the event to a world audience it helps if you hire a broadcaster first. As preparations for the event formally […]

Lehman Brothers, Grange liable for council sub-prime losses

By Julian Bajkowski Local governments, charities and and not for profit groups have finally won a phyrric victory over collapsed US investment bank Lehman Brothers, after the Federal Court ruled that the institution is ultimately liable for almost $250 million in losses suffered by investors. Handed down by Justice Steven Rares on Friday, the decision […]

Spending in tough times

By Guy Callender In the wake of the global financial crisis (GFC), Australia has once again shown itself to be a 'lucky country'. Other countries had a very tough time during the GFC and many are still sweating as global economies struggle to emerge from the gloom of a sudden, sharp recession. High debt, high unemployment, […]

Financial advisor faces $25m lawsuit

By Angela Dorizas Melbourne based green technology group, Ceramic Fuel Cells, has begun a $25 million case against Oakvale Capital, a financial advisory firm used by a number of councils across Australia. The case against Oakvale Capital began in the Federal Court on July 22. IMF Australia is funding the case on behalf of Ceramic […]

OPINION: Challenges and opportunities for Australian federalism

By Stephen Loosely The global response to the collapse of the financial banking system has reinvigorated local debate around Australian federalism and how the system should evolve in a changing global environment. If Australia is to remain an effective player in shaping international policy legislation it must be seen, globally, as a robust and unified […]

First anniversary of Lehman Brothers collapse

By Angela Dorizas This week marks the first anniversary of the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers, which sent shockwaves around the world and brought the global financial system to its knees. Griffith Business School Professor of Finance, Michael Drew, said the collapse of Lehman Brothers demonstrated “multiple failures” in the current global financial […]

Government sector, east Perth and lower-northern Sydney defy downturn

By Angela Dorizas New research has identified 20 regions across Australia that emerged from the economic downturn with at least five per cent increase in employment. Bankwest research showed that east metropolitan Perth and lower-northern Sydney have experienced the strongest employment growth since the global financial crisis began in November 2007. Bankwest retail chief executive […]

Economic crisis reopens federalism debate

By Angela Dorizas The global financial crisis has reinvigorated the federalism debate, according to Stephen Loosely. The former Senator for New South Wales and ALP National President said the relationship between the three spheres of government is likely to evolve in the changing global environment. “If Australia is to remain an effective player in shaping international policy […]

UK councils braced for ‘second wave’

By Rob O’Brien UK councils should prepare for a worsening social impact from the ‘second wave’ of the recession, a public sector watchdog has warned. Local and national government have made a positive initial response to the recession, according to the Audit Commission report, but councils should prepare for the ‘second wave’ – a worsening […]

Northern Territory Cabinet shake-up

By Angela Dorizas Northern Territory Chief Minister Paul Henderson has announced a major Cabinet reshuffle, including the dumping of two senior ministers from the Health and Education portfolios. Chris Burns has been dropped from the Health Portfolio following a series of scandals at Royal Darwin Hospital, including the rape of a baby in the hospital’s […]


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