Major Melbourne makeover – new suburbs planned

Two separate announcements this week have shown a glimpse of Melbourne’s future. The city is evolving rapidly and will soon regain its former position as Australia’s largest city. In the 19th century, fuelled by money from the gold rushes, the city was called ‘Marvellous Melbourne’. In just 40 years it grew from a village on […]

Plan Melbourne’s governance under fire

By Julian Bajkowski A controversial move by Victoria’s Napthine government to have an appointed board run a new statutory state agency tasked with helping to coordinate urban renewal so that another two million will eventually live in Melbourne has drawn a sharp and immediate response from the Victorian Local Governance Association (VLGA). The group that […]

Fishermans Bend lures $2bn facelift

By Paul Hemsley The Victorian government has unveiled a new “draft vision” for the City of Melbourne’s ambitious plan to revitalise the Fishermans Bend industrial district that the government hopes will attract $2 billion in new investment from the private sector. A large curved peninsula of land in Port Melbourne that is separated from the […]


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