NSW sets strict annual deadline for council complaints

By Paul Hemsley The New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet has warned councils that they must quickly get their act together in reporting complaints made about them by constituents and ratepayers to the state government. This firm reminder has come in the form of a circular from the chief executive of the Division […]

Lawyers give Brimbank councillors the green light

By Staff Writer Councillors from Brimbank have been given the green light by lawyers to proceed with a legal challenge against their sacking by the Local Government Minister, Richard Wynne, in September. According to a legal memorandum, lawyer Michael Pearce said the lawfulness of the suspension was questionable and that councillors had been denied natural […]

Closed Burnside meetings not unusual, says LGA

By Rob O’Brien Closed meetings such as those being undertaken by Burnside Council to discuss legal issues should be the exception not the rule, the South Australian Local Government Association (LGA) has said. Burnside Council has been criticised for its closing meetings to discuss a letter from the Local Government minister Gail Gago, which asked […]

LGA backs State Government over Burnside

By Rob O’Brien The Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA) has backed calls for an investigation into Burnside Council, but believes the council should be allowed to defend its reccord.   The President of the LGA Mayor Felicity-Ann Lewis said she recognised the procedures under the Local Government Act and the process the Local Government […]


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