Royal visit reopens referendum debate

By Angela Dorizas Prince William’s visit to Australia has reopened the republican debate and put federal-state relations and local government reform back on the agenda. Attorney-General Robert McClelland told the Australian Financial Review that there were four potential questions to be put to voters in a referendum if Labor won the election this year. He […]

Local government welcomes 2020 Summit response

By Angela Dorizas Local government has welcomed the Federal Government’s response to the Australia 2020 Summit despite widespread criticism that it fell short of expectations. The Summit, held a year ago, saw 1000 Australians gather in Canberra to put forward new ideas and ways to meet future challenges. Last week the Rudd Government responded with […]

High Court ruling a win for councils

Local government has welcomed the High Court decision to reject a constitutional challenge to the Federal Government’s stimulus package payments which would have jeopardised direct federal funding to councils. The challenge was brought to the High Court by University of New England law lecturer and former National party officer, Bryan Pape, who argued that payments delivered […]

Pursue financial autonomy and political renewal

By Kim Powell in Hobart Local government should put constitutional recognition and the call for more federal money on the backburner and instead focus on community engagement and long term strategic planning, said Graham Sansom in a keynote address at the 94th Conference for Local Government in Hobart in June. Professor Sansom is the director […]


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