Ditching ‘mega-stadia’ in favour of local sport venues

[Editor’s note: this piece was written prior to Australia’s Ashes victory] By Simon Sharwood* Australia’s men’s cricket team is a joke [they’re not really a joke as they won the Ashes]. The Wallabies aren’t much better and our Olympians flopped. But this can all be fixed if Australia’s three tiers of government change the way […]

Motorists spotting smarter parking

By Paul Hemsley Melbourne motorists parking in Carlton will be able to use a ‘Pay-By-Phone’ technology that allows users to call a number or download a smart phone app to start and end a parking session. Mayor Robert Doyle said the service makes motorists’ lives easier by giving them the option to pay for parking […]

Melbourne buys community centre

The City of Melbourne has purchased the Kathleen Syme Centre from the State Government for $4.88m. Council’s request to purchase the property was agreed upon with the State Government after years Melbourne’s expressed interest in procuring it. Mayor Robert Doyle said the purchase will enable the council to develop a community hub for Carlton residents. […]


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