Even the Productivity Commission wants a carbon price – OPINION

They didn’t make a big deal of it, but the Productivity Commission’s new five-year overview report, commissioned by the Federal Government, has recommended the introduction of a carbon price. The productivity commission is of course an advisory body, and the Government has explicitly ruled out a price on carbon or anything that can even remotely […]

UK Government to adopt carbon pricing

While climate and energy policy in Australia remain mired in acrimonious squabbling, the UK’s Conservative Government has released a bold new plan for a low carbon future. And it includes a carbon price. The new UK Clean Growth Strategy is a comprehensive 163 page document. It was released on 12 October by Business and Energy […]

Abbott warning to Public Service chief on Carbon Tax

By Julian Bajkowski Opposition leader Tony Abbott very publicly told the head of the public service, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet Secretary Dr Ian Watt AO, that he expects to have legislation to scrap the price on carbon and an emissions trading scheme pre-written and ready to table should the Coalition win government. The […]

Carbon tax calculated for councils

By Paul Hemsley The federal government will assist local councils to calculate their emissions and costs associated with the price of waste disposal. Council landfills that produce more than 25000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per annum will be liable, where Carbon Price Mechanism (CPM) costs will need to be factored. The Australian Local […]

Councils set lights on carbon reduction

Councils have identified energy efficiency as a key reform area being targeted across local government to help reduce carbon price impacts, greenhouse gas emissions and achieve cost savings for ratepayers. 146 representatives from 51 councils had recently participated in training to better understand their carbon emissions profile and how to reduce their carbon price exposure. […]

Councils’ carbon price revealed

By Bill McArthur, MAV President   The analysis of data from 38 councils showed the carbon price design had lowered the impacts on councils compared to the 2009 proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.   Excluded from the carbon price are heavy on-road fuel use, legacy waste and smaller landfills within a prescribed distance of larger […]

Opinion on impact of carbon price on procurement

By Ruth Bayley, CEO of Australian Association of Procurement and Contract Management The impact of the carbon price on prices paid for goods and services is a risk. Like any contract or procurement risk, it is helpful to decide, at strategy level, how to manage the risk and put in place appropriate contract clauses and […]


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