Queensland expands Dengue control trials

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland government has expanded a revolutionary trial with Cairns Regional Council that uses mosquitoes deliberately infected with a special bacteria to halt the spread of Dengue Fever in its tracks. Known as Wolbachia, the bacterium does not kill mosquitoes but blocks the blood-feeding insect’s ability to transmit the Dengue virus to […]

State stops Cairns building contract

By Paul Hemsley Cairns Regional Council cannot tender a managing contractor for its entertainment precinct due to a state government intervention. Three Queensland-based tenderers were shortlisted but cannot progress to the final stage after Local Government Minister, David Crisafulli revoked the previously provided approval by the previous minister, Paul Lucas. Cairns Regional Council CEO, Lyn […]

Cairns proceeds with entertainment precinct

Cairns Regional Council will oversee work on the first stage of a local entertainment precinct. The initial stage has been budgeted at $155 million, but costs have yet to be determined for the next two stages. Early works are expected to begin in 2012, which will deliver a 1000 to 1100 seat theatre, car parking, […]

Yasi turns catastrophic

By Lilia Guan   Tropical cyclone Yasi has been upgraded to category five by the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM).   The cyclone has been described by BOM as a “large and very powerful tropical cyclone that poses an extremely serious threat to life and property within the warning areas – especially between Cairns and Townsville”. […]

Regional council stimulates local economy

The Council’s funds add up to more than $200,000 and were designed to stimulate local economy by funding projects that will create innovation in the region’s economic base, Mayor Val Schier said.   “This year Council took leadership in the diversification of the local economy by putting together a team dedicated solely to economic development,” […]

Cairns takes whole-of-council approach to climate change

A north Queensland council has taken a giant step to addressing climate change through a five-year strategy that includes funding for sustainable community projects. According to Cairns Regional Council’s initiative – Climate Change Strategy 2010/2015 – the plan will present a clear direction in addressing the affects of climate change for the next five years. […]


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