Melbourne declares itself ‘carbon neutral’

By Paul Hemsley The City of Melbourne has hailed itself as ‘carbon neutral’ after being certified by the Australian Government’s independent carbon offsetting authority Low Carbon Australia through the council’s effort to become one of the world’s most liveable and sustainable cities. Victoria’s capital city has joined the City of Sydney as well as two […]

Councils face national headcount

By Paul Hemsley and Julian Bajkowski Australia’s burgeoning local government sector will get its first ever official statistical snapshot through an official council workforce census covering the whole of Australia. The Australian Centre of Excellence in Local Government (ACELG) will conduct the census on council numbers to better inform funding and resource allocation decisions at […]

Strapped councils demand superannuation break

By Paul Hemsley The Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) has ratcheted-up its campaign for local councils to be given a funding bail out to cope with an escalating series of budget cuts and funding shortfalls. The demands for new money come as a $396.9 million superannuation shortfall looms over local governments which could soon be […]

Investments ready for renewable energy

Australian renewable energy companies will be able to receive investments from the Australian Government through the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund. According to the Australian Government, the $200 million investment from the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund, as part of the $3.2 billion Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), is the largest venture capital fund aimed […]

Funding to the reef rescue

By Paul Hemsley Reef Rescue will manage the government’s $38 million grant to improve water quality entering the Great Barrier Reef lagoon. Minister for Environment Tony Burke said Reef Rescue aims to reduce nutrient and chemical run-off from agricultural lands by 25 per cent, and sediment and particulate nutrient run-off by 10 per cent. “Reef […]

ANAO investigates confidentiality in government contracts

The Australian National Audit Office has released its report on confidentiality in government contracts, recommending a review of procurement reporting requirements. The audit assess the appropriateness of the use and reporting of confidentiality provisions in Australian Government contracts. It included an assessment of compliance with the Senate Order and followed up on the implementation of […]


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