Some regions are booming – others need ‘managed decline’

Government assistance to Australia’s regions has often been poorly directed, says the Productivity Commission in a major new report. It wants a more efficient system, which would admit that some regions are in decline and will remain so. The report, ‘Transitioning Regional Economies’ is the latest in a series of reports by the Productivity Commission […]

Immigration up, most going to NSW and Victoria

Increased discussion about immigration to Australia has done nothing to stem the tide of people coming to Australia. In fact, the numbers are rising, not falling. Overseas immigration into NSW alone last year exceeded the combined populations of Wagga Wagga and Tamworth, two of the state’s largest regional cities. Figures released by the Australian Bureau […]

More families moving to apartments

Nearly one third of Sydney’s households now live in apartments, with the proportion set to grow to one half within a generation. That means more and more families are opting for apartment style living, for both financial and lifestyle reasons. But as their children grow they are more likely to live in detached houses. Development […]

Public sector employment – feds down, state and local up

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has published its annual data on the number of public sector employees in Australia. There are more than ever before – nearly 2 million (1.957 million), a slight increase on the year before. Commonwealth numbers are down, by just 3,400 to 239,300, but state numbers are up by nearly 30,000 […]

NSW releases graphical statistics dashboard

The NSW Government has released an online tool that shows graphically key demographic attributes of the state’s regions. The People and Places Dashboard shows data such as population age groups, household composition, and land usage. The data is projected 20 years into the future. The website was launched by Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony […]


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