A Deep Dive into Digital Transformation with Civica

The power of digital transformation: how Australian councils are achieving a green tech future, providing better citizen services and moving close to the Holy Grail of IT.

A Deep Dive into federated information governance with Objective

With data sprawl and data silos an exponentially growing issue for the public sector, federated information management helps organisations remain compliant with governance regulations and maintain high levels of security  – without moving their data. Bad news: information silos will always exist. Good news: Not a problem! The bad news is that information silos will […]

 A Deep Dive into environmental, social and corporate governance with Interflow

Sometimes, forward-thinking has to do with innovation. Often it has to do with professionalism and skills and good commercial decision making. But today, there’s another vital ingredient in the recipe for business success – ESG, or environmental, social and governance. For further information, please visit www.interflow.com.au.

A Deep Dive into Sustainable Pipe Maintenance with Interflow

Asset owners face significant challenges when tackling the problem of ageing infrastructure, with projects sitting around for years, waiting for the right technology and delivery partner to come along. We explore some of the increasingly sophisticated maintenance technology that’s providing solutions.

A Deep Dive into key CIO trends with Objective

Objective conducted in-depth interviews with a group of CIOs from organisations in the public sector and regulated industries.

A Deep Dive into identity security with CyberArk

Technological advances, a shifting geopolitical climate and cultural changes in the way we work and conduct business are opening new avenues for cyber criminals to steal information, disrupt systems and potentially threaten human safety – all good reasons to move to a zero trust model.

A look at driving change in the water sector with Interflow

Whether it’s implementing cutting edge digital technology or taking a stand on social issues, pipeline infrastructure company Interflow is demonstrating it isn’t afraid to lead from the front.

Smart cities and the storage challenges of adopting surveillance AI

Deriving value from the smart city of today depends on more than having a network of connected IoT devices. Find out more by downloading the free white paper.

A deep dive into security with Davcor

After a thorough audit of your current master key system, or perhaps after finding out your system is out of patent, you’ve decided that a new master key system is what’s right for your organisation.

A Deep Dive in to EVs with BMW

BMW Group is contributing to the acceleration of the “electromobility revolution” and supporting a more sustainable approach to private transportation globally and here in Australia, with strong commitments at every stage of the vehicle life cycle.

A Deep Dive into Cyber security: more than a checked box with Vault Cloud

Agencies need to shift their mindset from seeing cyber security as a ‘checked box’ and move towards a comprehensive alignment with best-practice cyber strategy that is reviewed on a regular basis.

A deep dive into cloud transition from Government News and Civica

The demand for deeper and more involved community engagement is accelerating at a pace that threatens to exceed the capacity of government to meet those demands.


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