Fleet Vehicle Selection Policy (as at April 2012)

Passenger Vehicles

When selecting passenger vehicles within the Australian Government Fleet they must:

a) be made in Australia (refer Table 1); and
b) have a five star ANCAP safety rating.

Where no operationally suitable Australian-made passenger vehicle exists, agencies must provide a business case for the Chief Executive or their delegate's approval detailing the operational requirements that precludes the selection of an Australian-made passenger vehicle.  

When considering an imported passenger vehicle some factors that may not be considered operational requirements include:

  • vehicles with similar size, load capacity and clearance to an Australian-made passenger vehicle;
  • environmental considerations, such as fuel efficiency; and
  • cost of the vehicle.

When selecting passenger vehicles, agencies should have close regard to the Government’s Green Car Challenge which states that by 2020, 50 per cent of the Government fleet’s passenger vehicles will be Australian-made, value for money, environmentally friendly cars.

Table 1.

List of Australian-made Eligible General Fleet (Passenger) Vehicles. All vehicles listed achieve a five star ANCAP safety rating.

Ford Holden Toyota

Light Commercial Vehicles

Light Commercial Vehicles are defined as commercial vehicles, such as utilities, with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of less than 3.5 tonnes.  When selecting Light Commercial Vehicles within the Australian Government Fleet they must:

a) be Australian-made (refer Table 2); and
b) have a minimum four star ANCAP safety rating from 1 July 2012.  Agencies should be selecting operationally suitable light commercial vehicles with the highest possible safety rating.

Where no operationally suitable Australian-made Light Commercial Vehicle exists, agencies may select a light commercial vehicle imported by an Australian or other manufacturer. A business case is not required when considering imported light commercial vehicles.

During vehicle selection, agencies should have regard to a vehicle’s CO2 emissions as a means of differentiating functionally similar vehicles.

Table 2.

List of Australian-made Eligible Light Commercial Vehicles.  All vehicles listed achieve a five star ANCAP safety rating.

Ford Holden

Related Information

Agencies are required to lease their vehicles from the Australian Government's fleet services provider (sgfleet). In certain circumstances, and with the written approval of the Australian Government Fleet team, agencies are able to purchase vehicles.

In the absence of an operational case to the contrary, vehicles deemed by the vehicle manufacturers to be performance vehicles or sports cars (including but not limited to eight‑cylinder sports sedans, wagons and coupes) are excluded from selection for fleet vehicles.

Where an operational case exists, these guidelines do not apply to the selection of vehicles that are to be used for law enforcement, covert or national security functions.

The Green Vehicle Guide [external web site] remains a useful tool to inform agencies about the environmental credentials of vehicles.

For the purpose of this policy, the Australian manufacturers are: Ford Motor Company of Australia Ltd, GM Holden Ltd and the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Ltd.

Executive Vehicle Scheme

The Australian Public Service Commission is responsible for issuing advice to agencies concerning the vehicles selected under the Executive Vehicle Scheme [external web site]

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