Mobile Technology

Australian Public Service Mobile Roadmap

The roadmap, endorsed by SIGB in March 2013, aims to build a consistent, whole-of-government approach to adopting mobile technology that will help achieve the objectives outlined in the APS ICT Strategy and meet the commitments of the Digital First policy. Its goal is to better position the Australian Government to use mobile technology in new and innovative ways to extend services to citizens, improve agency and staff productivity, and engage more effectively.

Guidance & Resources

Please refer to Whole-of-Government ICT policies and circulars and DSD publications for the latest guidance. Guidance marked with an ‘*’ is mandatory or contains mandatory components for FMA agencies.

Mobile applications, services & web development

Mobile technology in the workplace

  • DSD Blackberry Hardening Guide* — provides technical guidance on how to harden the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and BlackBerry handheld devices
  • DSD iOS Hardening Configuration Guide* — provides instructions and techniques for Australian government agencies to harden the security of iOS 5.1 or higher devices
  • DSD BYOD considerations for executives — summarises key BYOD considerations and risk minimisation strategies for Chief Information Officers and other senior decision makers
  • DSD Risk Management of Enterprise Mobility including BYOD — provides considerations for enterprise mobility, including business cases, regulatory obligations and legislation, available budget and personnel resources, as well as risk tolerance and controls for cyber security practitioners
  • DSD Security for Wireless Networks — provides measures to reduce the security risks associated with the use of wireless networks

Use of mobile devices by APS and the public

  • ACMA Mobile phone security — provides public advice for using mobile phone features to reduce the risk of people making unauthorised calls
  • DBCDE Stay Smart Online advice — provides public advice for securing mobile phones and devices
  • DBCDE Cybersafety Help Button — providing internet users, particularly children and young people, with easy online access to cybersafety information and assistance available in Australia
  • OAIC Mobile Phones and Your Privacy — provides tips to help mobile phone users protect their own privacy

Community of Practice

The APS Mobile Technology Community of Practice(Mobile CoP) has been established to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the adoption and management of mobile technology in the public sector and is open to Australian Government participants. Please send a request to join with your contact details to

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