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National Solar Schools Program

Dates available: 
1 July 2008 to 30 June 2013

Program information

Over $217 million has been provided to 5,310 schools (or almost 60 per cent of all Australian schools) to install renewable energy systems, rainwater tanks and a range energy efficiency measures.

The solar power systems already installed are producing enough electricity to power the equivalent of 4600 average households every day.

The funding has helped to educate students about renewable energy and energy efficiency, and that everyday actions can prevent the production of millions of tonnes of carbon pollution.

The 2012-13 funding round was the final opportunity for schools to apply for solar schools funding.

The Program closes on 30 June 2013. All schools are expected to complete their solar schools project prior to this time.

Educational material, case studies and fact sheets

Refer to Resources to access educational material, case studies and fact sheets.

An important objective of the Program is educating students and the wider community about environmental sustainability. The Resources page includes information to assist your school in further educating your students on renewable energy technologies and the importance of conserving our precious energy and water resources.

The case studies share stories from schools across Australia on the benefits obtained from their solar schools project. These may give your school ideas on activities that you could undertake to further enhance environmental outcomes at your school.

The fact sheets provide information on solar power and data monitoring systems. This information can assist your school to obtain the maximum benefits from your project.

Solar photovoltaic inspection program

  • The Department undertook the second round of inspections of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems funded under the National Solar Schools Program. The inspections are to ensure compliance with relevant Australian Standards and State/Territory and local government requirements.
  • Refer to Solar PV inspections for information on inspection outcomes.


Interim and final evaluations of the National Solar Schools examine the extent to which the program has achieved its stated objectives.

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