Our Part of SA - Playing Our Part


The LGA has four Blueprint documents that clarify the sorts of commitments being sought by Councils and their communities. The Blueprints are:-

  1. Quality Neighbourhoods Quality Neighbourhoods Quality%20Neighbourhoods (1968 kb)
  2. Growing Opportunities Growing Opportunity Growing%20Opportunity (2084 kb)
  3. Green Living; Green Living Green%20Living (1268 kb) and
  4. Strong Foundations Strong Foundations Strong%20Foundations (1209 kb)

These Blueprints were released between 1st December, 2009 and 3 March, 2010.

The following Strategic Commitments document lists all 74 commitments sought by the LGA in the blueprint documents above and is organised by government portfolio areas.

Strategic Commitments 2010 State%20Election%20Commitments%202010 (1871 kb)

All of these documents outline the key ways that SA Councils want the next State Government to work with them for you and your children.

We're playing our part, and we want better support and collaboration from future governments to deliver for Our Part of SA - wherever that may be.

To read our Strategic Overview document click on the "Governments Working Together" button to the left.