Local Government: Results of the 2007–08 audits

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Tabled: 13 November 2008

This report contains the results from the annual audit of local government financial reports and performance statements, and is the first of three reports prepared for Parliament each year on the audits of state and local government agencies. The report includes an analysis of all 79 local councils against five indicators of financial sustainability and looks at each council’s results for the past five financial years, as well as looking forward using each council’s strategic resource plans. The results of this analysis showed an improved financial sustainability position with no councils rated as a high risk of being unsustainable in the medium to long-term. The number of councils rated as a moderate risk also declined from 18 to 15.

The report also analysed the financial sustainability of the 12 regional library corporations showing two with immediate viability concerns and a further five with medium to long-term sustainability concerns.







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