Video urges Victorians to report corruption in local government

Victoria’s anti-corruption agencies have just made it easier for members of the public to dob in councils that aren’t doing the right thing.

Deborah Glass

The independent broad-based anti-corruption commission (IBAC) has teamed up with the Local Government Inspectorate and the state’s Ombudsman to release a new video explaining how Victorians can make a complaint or report wrongdoing in local government.

The video, titled If something is not right, who do I complain to? says local governments perform important community services and must act in the interests of the community.

A no-wrong-door policy means that whoever you contact, your report will end up with the right agency.

It says members of the community can report anything from the way their council deals with complaints to serious and systemic corruption, and guides them to the appropriate agency.

It also reminds Victorians that there is legislation to protect their identity if they are reporting suspected misconduct and corruption in the public sector, and to protect them from bullying and harassment.

“A no-wrong-door policy means that whoever you contact, your report will end up with the right agency,” the video says.

With Victorians voting in local government elections this week, Acting Chief Municipal Inspector Dr John Lynch said now was an ideal time to remind people of the importance of integrity in government.

“I’m pleased that Victoria’s integrity agencies have developed strong working relationships to ensure all complaints and issues raised can be addressed efficiently and thoroughly assessed,” he said.

Victorian Ombudsman Deborah Glass said she hoped the video would encourage more Victorians to speak up.

IBAC Deputy Commissioner David Wolf, meanwhile, said integrity agencies relied on information provided by citizens to effectively detect and address corruption.

“We want Victorians to know they can safely and easily let us know if they suspect something is not right with their local council,” he said in a statement.

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2 thoughts on “Video urges Victorians to report corruption in local government

  1. Any measure which is likely to enhance public confidence in the integrity of public institutions – including government itself – is worth doing. Conversely – doing nothing will bring on a ‘failed state’ and prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure: so it is encouraging to see an active IBAC and Ombudsman in collaboration with the Inspectorate sending the right messages. Let us hope that the Victorian government continues to invest in Integrity…

  2. Well this sounds wonderful, – so does it or will it actually work like it states it will? I hope so! Maybe in Victoria? Sadly it is not like this in South Australia, far from it in fact.

    I am in South Australia and we have very serious problems in Local Government (which are allegedly placing lives in the community at risk) that the agencies and ‘Authorities’ who have a role in sorting such matters out have so far shown that they have no interest in doing so…… allegedly happy to turn a blind eye or partake in intimidation it seems…..and speaking up has had my phone and computer messed with along with my ability to earn my living ….and my work security system messed with too…..and stone walling wherever one goes. Our previous ICAC Commissioner allegedly stated in our State’s newspaper that the Police are “not interested” in prosecuting Local Government criminal matters – so where is the incentive for Local Government staff to act appropriately? Contacting ones Local Councillors has also been useless- none of the ten of them will respond or act on the issue – it seems they are silenced instead of representing their community. It’s atrocious….. You can forget about protection for speaking up- it seems there is none and bullying and/or intimidation and worse are sadly the norm.

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