Could Abbott be issued a Camry?

Analysis: Julian Bajkowski Cost conscious Prime Minister Tony Abbott and hundreds of his fellow parliamentarians could soon have to get to work in a more humble Toyota Camry if Holden stops manufacturing operations in Australia. At least that’s the case if previous local vehicle procurement preferences for the federal sector are maintained. As prestige European […]

Queensland reveals Aussie fleet at 25 per cent

By Paul Hemsley and Julian Bajkowski The Queensland state government has confirmed that just a quarter of the cars that it buys through its vehicle purchasing arm, QFleet, are Australian made as the local automotive industry and Canberra continues to apply strong pressure for more locally made vehicles to be bought on the taxpayer’s coin. […]

Hybrid subsidies slammed as Soviet intervention

By Julian Bajkowski A leading Australian futurist has told public sector and corporate fleet buyers that government financial support provided to car manufacturers like Toyota to locally produce hybrid vehicles is akin to Soviet-style economics. In a keynote presentation to the Australian Fleet Management Association conference in Melbourne on Wednesday, Peter Ellyard called on delegates […]


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