Broadcast bids called for Brisbane G20 summit by PM&C

By Paul Hemsley The Federal and Queensland governments are banking that the eyes of the world will be on Brisbane when the river city hosts the high powered G20 Summit in 2014, but to get the event to a world audience it helps if you hire a broadcaster first. As preparations for the event formally […]

New bird flu detection tests fly from Queensland

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland government has developed Australia’s first test to detect the new avian influenza H7N9 in humans in an effort to prepare for a potential pandemic of the recently discovered mutation of the virus. Influenza is a virus that frequently mutates and its variations in the avian variety have proven no different […]

Queenslanders send forced council mergers packing

By Paul Hemsley Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s offer to provide councils that were pushed into forced marriages with their neighbours the option of an amicable, no-fault divorce has been taken up with gusto by voters in the Noosa, Livingstone, Mareeba and Douglas areas. Queensland Minister for Local Government David Crisafulli on the weekend commended the […]

QLD councils hawkish on planning laws

By Paul Hemsley Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) chief executive officer Greg Hallam has warned the state government that councils will be keeping a close eye on recent reforms to local government planning to ensure that sure communities are not unfairly slugged with development costs. Mr Hallam’s statement follows the passage of the Newman […]

Queensland cuts councils loose

By Paul Hemsley Local Government Association of Queensland President Margaret de Wit has welcomed the state government’s move to put councils back in charge of community planning by getting rid of a raft of state bureaucratic requirements. The Queensland government this week passed changes to the Local Government Act and Brisbane City Council Act it […]

Siren’s song to switch traffic signals

By Paul Hemsley Emergency vehicles in Queensland will soon be able to make traffic lights go green on approach after Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Scott Emerson announced the rollout of a new sensing technology intended to cut through congestion and reduce the risk of accidents. Known as the Emergency Vehicle Priority (EVP), […]

Queensland covers its environmental tracks

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland Coordinator-General has cleared the way for an environmental assessment of the Central Queensland Integrated Rail project that aims to break a major minerals export bottleneck. Coordinator-General, Barry Broe finalised the terms of reference for the environmental assessment after receiving 21 submissions from the public and agencies on the controversial freight […]

Queensland unions appreciate Shorten’s help

By Paul Hemsley Public sector unions are grateful for Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten’s $850,000 package to help axed workers in the Queensland Government. As a result of Premier Campbell Newman’s controversial slashing of about 14,000 public sector roles, ex-employees will be forced to look for suitable work in the private sector, […]

Queensland tests its own railway crossing safety

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland government is following Victoria’s footsteps to make open level crossings  for trains and cars safer. Last month, the Victorian government announced it would trial communications technology to warn drivers of approaching trains in a three year $5.5 million project. Now Queensland is implementing a similar scheme for an even smaller […]

Councils to decide if de-amalgamation is too costly

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland state government has moved to roll-back controversial mega-councils formed through forced mergers and asked local governments to put forward their case on whether they want previous jurisdictional boundaries restored. The potential break-up of the mega councils is part of wider push to decentralise administration and local governments by recently elected […]

Queensland mounts contractor fraud crackdown

By Paul Hemsley Contractors working on building projects who fib in statutory declarations face prosecution and up to three years jail under a Queensland government crackdown on bogus statutory declarations. The swoop comes as state authorities get tough on suppliers to the government who submit false statements claiming that they have discharged all their obligations […]

Queensland overhauls technology procurement

By Julian Bajkowski and Paul Hemsley The Queensland government has thrown open the door to outsourcing public sector payroll systems across the state. The move is a watershed because it is almost certain to be followed by other internally-run government technology functions and services being exposed to direct competition from the private sector. Queensland’s Information […]

Queensland axes transport staff

The Queensland Government will lay off 1970 of its transport workers in its restructuring of the Department of Transport and Main Roads and TransLink. These intended sackings will result in 18 per cent of corporate or support roles disappearing from the department and TransLink. Savings are expected to run at $287 million over the next […]


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