A Deep Dive into federated information governance with Objective

With data sprawl and data silos an exponentially growing issue for the public sector, federated information management helps organisations remain compliant with governance regulations and maintain high levels of security  – without moving their data. Bad news: information silos will always exist. Good news: Not a problem! The bad news is that information silos will […]

A Deep Dive into key CIO trends with Objective

Objective conducted in-depth interviews with a group of CIOs from organisations in the public sector and regulated industries.

Why content sprawl has CIOs running scared

Emerging and advancing technologies are driving an exponential growth in the amount of content public sector agencies are creating and retaining.

How to Harness Information Everywhere

Many government agencies have turned to Microsoft 365 as it is an ideal platform for collaboration. How do agencies deliver the governance required while freeing users to collaborate as desired?

Thrive in an information revolution

New tools have made it possible for organisations to continue to work during lockdowns and restrictions during the pandemic, but they can pose challenges.

How do LGAs measure digital transformation?

The new ANZ Local Government Digital Maturity Index (DMI) surveyed over 100 local government authorities in Australia and New Zealand about the extent to which they are digitising their internal processes and the delivery of their services. It also shows the extent to which LGAs are measuring the extent of their digitisation. The DMI shows […]

LGAs only halfway there on digital

The new ANZ Local Government Digital Maturity Index (DMI) contains a number of interesting findings. One of the most intriguing is the fact that most Local Government Authorities do a reasonable job at delivering services digitally, but that behind-the-scenes there are still many manual processes. The DMI contains four sub-indexes. One of these looks at […]

LGAs and digital maturity – a mixed bag

Less than half Australasia’s local government authorities have implemented a formal strategy for the digital delivery of services to the public. Even fewer have a strategy for their internal customers – council employees. This is despite most LGAs agreeing that digital is the way of the future. The results are contained in the new Local […]

Securing content management

The Australian Customs and Border Protection Service has selected Australian-based Objective Corporation to implement its next generation enterprise content management platform, Objective ECM 8.   Objective was selected for the three-year, $5 million contract (with the option for expansion to a total of nine years) after a public tender process which began in early 2011. […]


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