Victoria’s $434m crime proceeds haul cops a caning

By Julian Bajkowski Victoria’s system of confiscating money and assets from the state’s organised criminals and drug dealers has been found sorely wanting by the state’s Auditor General after a new report highlighted a raft of operational and governance shortcomings. An audit of the state’s Asset Confiscation Scheme by the Victorian Auditor General’s Office released […]

Creating great teams is hard work

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* How would you describe the attributes of the team of which you are a member, that is a peer member, not the team you lead? Would you use words like ‘effective, cohesive, supportive and committed’? Or would descriptions like ‘lacking in trust’, ‘not really a team or truly collaborative’ and ‘engaging […]

Great talent should grow from within

By Dr Marianne Broadbent* The last time your organisation had a vacancy in the top team reporting to your CEO, the Secretary, General Manager or Director-General, what was the quality of the talent pool? How did the internal and external talent compare? Quite often we hear that there is no one currently inside the organisation […]

Merging the management mindset

By Drew Baker* The Australian public sector can now access enhanced management and leadership development capabilities to meet current and future challenges, thanks to the new partnership between the Australian Institute of Management NSW & ACT (AIM) and Centre of Public Management Pty Ltd (CPM). CPM has been building management and leadership capability for middle […]

Lismore staff to manage its own waste

Management style changes are expected to give Lismore City Council staff a better idea of what is a waste of resources. Council has introduced a plan for its internal staff to actively identify what is a ‘waste of money, brains and time’ (WOMBAT). The WOMBAT plan is to change the council’s internal culture and move […]

Government funds AIM office in ACT

By Paul Hemsley A training and management centre from the Australian Institute of Management (AIM) has been opened in the ACT with funding from the Australian Government. Located in the centre of Canberra’s business district, Childer’s Square, the Australian Government under the Commonwealth Government Industry and Indigenous Skill Centre Program contributed $470000 in funding. ACT […]

RailCorp shake-up causes job losses

Middle management bureaucracies will be slashed in the NSW railway service to make way for a re-organised specialist system. The NSW Government will launch the Fixing the Trains initiative, which will break up RailCorp to create two specialist bodies to accommodate the different needs of regional and intercity commuters. These two services will be Sydney […]

Reigning in the recruitment process

By Kylie Dowell It’s essential that through our recruitment process we get it right every time. Many organisations have employed people based on great applications and performance at the interview, only to find in the first week into the position they can’t do what they said they could and often the employer either pays for […]

Planning system recommendations

By David Ipp, Commissioner, ICAC In a report submitted to the NSW Government earlier this year, the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) recommends changes to the NSW planning system in order to minimise the corruption risks inherent in the current processes. Among the 16 recommendations outlined in the report, the ICAC recommends that the government […]

Managers ditch team building

Every year both the public and private sector spend time and money organising off-site team building days to get people pumped up, but that approach needs to be rethought.   Human resources management service provider – EI’s chief executive officer – Ben Thompson encouraged managers to rethink this approach and focus on consistent across the […]

Next Generation shines

By Jo Cooper   The local government landscape is rapidly changing as baby boomers look to retire from their managerial roles and younger generati ons seek guidance to step into their shoes.   A local government leadership group in the US is helping address the associat ed – and unprecedented challenges.   When Dave Childs […]

Measurement of productivity low in government

By Lilia Guan   Telecommunication giant – Telstra’s survey ‘Productivity Indicator 2011’ found that 72 per cent of Government organisations rate productivity as a top priority.   However, in the government space, only 14 per cent of agencies were setting productivity performance targets, measuring productivity and can claim to have improved productivity in the last […]

SA Govt chooses Salmat for information system

The South Australian Government has entered into an eight-year agreement with call centre specialist, Salmat, to deliver a land information management system within three years.   Salmat’s integrated land information system (ILIS) was originally developed by the Northern Territory Government Department of Lands and Planning.   The product was recently contracted to Salmat for commercialise […]

Temperament: the magic ingredient

By Gavan Podbury Our parents were motivated to help us when they advised this ‘golden rule’: “You will get on better with others if you treat them the same as you want to be treated.” The fact is, it doesn’t work most of the time. That is because it assumes people are more or less […]


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