Making asset management work

Governments need to see a strong return on investment in infrastructure projects to highlight to the constituents they understand the needs of the community and are investing wisely.

Clean, green urban space not just a walk in the park

Governments are looking into each other’s backyards for lessons on how to keep community spaces in top shape reports Paul Hemsley. It’s all too easy for ratepayers to forget that councils do much more than more than “rates, roads and rubbish” especially with large tracts of publicly owned land to manage in the form of […]

Council control over truckies delayed

By Julian Bajkowski A misbehaving software system has unexpectedly put the brakes on the launch of Australia’s first National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) by at least a month after the board of the so-called trucky’s watchdog revealed it still needs more time to get its technology together. The NHVR system had been supposed to start […]

Campaign for Infrastructure SA

By Rob O'Brien Local government is continuing to lobby candidates ahead of the state election next month with infrastructure at the centre of its demands for more collaboration between the two tiers of government. Part of the local government campaign, which has to date included four blueprint documents, titled Quality Neighbourhoods, Growing Opportunity, Green Living […]


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