NSW councils lock onto graffiti vandals using smartphone app

By Paul Hemsley Walk down most urban streets, parks or laneways and it’s easy to get the impression of a gang infested, criminal hotspot thanks to the constant array of unwanted tags, squiggles and territorial markers left behind by vandalism posing as counter culture. Whether you call it art or criminal damage, the markings that […]

Mobile app and snap: QLD’s latest anti-graffiti weapon

By Paul Hemsley Queensland Premier Campbell Newman’s has roped in Crime Stoppers to help councils in their battle against graffiti vandalism following the development and launch of a new mobile app that lets the public report the location of vandalised property to their local government. The app is being used by Crime Stoppers Queensland’s anti-graffiti […]

Queensland tests its own railway crossing safety

By Paul Hemsley The Queensland government is following Victoria’s footsteps to make open level crossings  for trains and cars safer. Last month, the Victorian government announced it would trial communications technology to warn drivers of approaching trains in a three year $5.5 million project. Now Queensland is implementing a similar scheme for an even smaller […]

Car alarm to catch the train

By Paul Hemsley The Victorian government will test if communications technology can warn car drivers that trains are approaching at railway crossings. Before they hit them. After some 600 collisions between trains and cars at railway crossings over the past decade, state transport and safety agencies now want to test systems to determine if the […]

WA uses GPS to track criminals

Dangerous sex offenders will be tracked using satellite technology after $6 million was allocated for the initiative in the 2012-13 State Budget, by the Western Australian Government as part of its focus on increasing community safety.   Corrective Services Minister Terry Redman said GPS technology allowed an offender’s exact whereabouts to be tracked via satellite, […]

Keeping track on fleets

By Lilia Guan Geographical information systems (GIS) can be used to support a diverse range of asset tracking, helping to monitor the location and movement of mobile assets. The geographic location of an asset, such as a garbage truck or repair crew vehicle, is transmitted via GPS, and tracked in real-time on a map that […]

Queensland Police put drink-drivers on the map

New global positioning breath-testing devices are being introduced in Queensland to help police “map” drink-driving offences. Police Minister Judy Spence says the 1600 alcolmeters, set to replace all others in use by March 2009, will geographically record the location of every breath test – both positive and negative. And their introduction will serve a dual […]


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