Sydney roads set for solar passive makeover

A selection of roads in Sydney will be recast in pale grey under an innovative new trial that aims to determine whether reflective surfaces can help take the sting out of summer by reducing the ambient temperature of asphalt.

Draft assesses climate change impacts

Potential impacts of climate change on communities are being assessed with draft guidelines from the Local Government Association of South Australia (LGA). The LGA has prepared the model with input from the CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology, the SA Departments of Premier and Cabinet, and Environment and Natural Resources and 15 Councils. Regional Development and Natural […]

Councils set lights on carbon reduction

Councils have identified energy efficiency as a key reform area being targeted across local government to help reduce carbon price impacts, greenhouse gas emissions and achieve cost savings for ratepayers. 146 representatives from 51 councils had recently participated in training to better understand their carbon emissions profile and how to reduce their carbon price exposure. […]

Councils’ carbon price revealed

By Bill McArthur, MAV President   The analysis of data from 38 councils showed the carbon price design had lowered the impacts on councils compared to the 2009 proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme.   Excluded from the carbon price are heavy on-road fuel use, legacy waste and smaller landfills within a prescribed distance of larger […]

Cairns takes whole-of-council approach to climate change

A north Queensland council has taken a giant step to addressing climate change through a five-year strategy that includes funding for sustainable community projects. According to Cairns Regional Council’s initiative – Climate Change Strategy 2010/2015 – the plan will present a clear direction in addressing the affects of climate change for the next five years. […]

Time to build community resilience

By Angela Dorizas The world has exceeded safe levels of greenhouse gas emissions and climate change can no longer be prevented. But rather than sinking into apathy, government leaders must instead focus on building resilience within their communities. That was the message from four influential authors at the recent Sydney Writers’ Festival event, ‘Have we […]

Shires to demand better standards for mining pollution

Councils affected by emissions from mining operations look set to issue the NSW State Government with a demand for better standards governing air quality. In an echo of the long running asbestos debate, NSW councils have raised concerns about the current level of emissions monitoring for NSW mining operations. Delegates at a meeting held in […]


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