Opinion – Murray Darling debacle shows the failure of federalism

The current standoff over water allocations in the Murray Darlin Basin is as good an example as you could ever find of how Australia’s federal system is broken. The Murray Darling Basin Plan was supposed to be the epitome of how Australia’s states and territories could work with each other and the Federal Government for […]

Victoria-Commonwealth relations at all-time low

Australia’s federal system of government has its pluses and minuses. Proponents say federalism is necessary in a country as large as Australia, while others say our population is too small and that state governments are an expensive and inefficient way of ensuring we are properly governed. It is generally agreed that the biggest disadvantage of […]

Perpetuating the Canberra reflex

COMMENT By Oliver Marc Hartwich  In terms of its land mass, Australia is the sixth largest country on earth. The distances between the state capitals are enormous and travelling between places within the states by means other than air transport can take many hours. Given these spatial characteristics, perhaps the most surprising feature of Australia’s […]

OPINION: Challenges and opportunities for Australian federalism

By Stephen Loosely The global response to the collapse of the financial banking system has reinvigorated local debate around Australian federalism and how the system should evolve in a changing global environment. If Australia is to remain an effective player in shaping international policy legislation it must be seen, globally, as a robust and unified […]

Economic crisis reopens federalism debate

By Angela Dorizas The global financial crisis has reinvigorated the federalism debate, according to Stephen Loosely. The former Senator for New South Wales and ALP National President said the relationship between the three spheres of government is likely to evolve in the changing global environment. “If Australia is to remain an effective player in shaping international policy […]


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