NeHTA set to be scrapped in radical eHealth overhaul

The government’s review of the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record has not only recommended that a new Commission be set up to run the scheme but that electronic records become the default.

eHealth examination probes for private sector buy-in

By Julian Bajkowski The private sector and medical providers could soon have a much bigger say in how Australia’s ailing efforts to create a national system of electronic health and medical records unfolds. The Abbott government has revealed it now wants substantial input on what non-government providers can contribute to make eHealth a reality after […]

Poor prognosis for Victorian eHealth

By Julian Bajkowski Australia’s troubled eHealth sector has been handed yet another negative appraisal after the Victorian Auditor General released a report cited “poor planning and an inadequate understanding of the complex requirements to design and implement clinical ICT systems” as the reasons for the state’s major online medical upgrade failing to deliver what it […]

Telstra reshuffle lifts focus on cloud and government

By Julian Bajkowski A major organisational overhaul at Australia’s national carrier Telstra has reset organisational and executive reporting lines for the business unit that sells into government as the corporation seeks to grow its portfolio of communications and technology services. Announced this week at a shareholder briefing, the latest corporate realignment has created a new […]


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