Govt warns of refrigerant gas price gouging

The Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet was concerned that prices being circulated by wholesale refrigerant gas suppliers show significant hikes unrelated to carbon pricing.   In many cases, these price rises have been similar in quantum across different wholesalers.   For example, a refrigerant like R22 has no carbon price attached […]

Opinion on the Climate Change Plan

By Dr Steve Hodgkinson, research director at Ovum   For most organisations this means that they will need to invest in systems to monitor operational processes and to analyse and report on their energy consumption, the energy efficiency of production facilities and offices and their overall CO2 emission outcomes.   Putting aside the politics of […]

Coastal communities land $3.2m adaptation

By Paul Hemsley   “Long-lived assets” and infrastructure will be the focus to plan investment in sewerage and stormwater systems, roads and residential housing.   Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, Greg Combet said sea level rises increase the need for communities to build resilience to the impacts.   “Climate change will lead to […]

WA assessed for renewable energy

The Australian Government has awarded a contract for work to begin on a detailed assessment of the renewable energy potential of the Mid-West and Pilbara regions of WA.   Evans and Peck, the successful tenderer for the Western Australia Regional Renewable Energy Assessment, will deliver a study to address some of the barriers to investment […]

DECCW stores data with NetApp

By Lilia Guan   Growth of data storage forced the DECCW to expand its storage requirements.   David Schneider, Director of Information Management and Communication Technology for the DECCW, said, through a tender process, the Department looked for a flexible, scalable storage solution that was able to keep up with its growth and meet the […]


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