Women in Government & Construction

Workwear fit for women. Today’s tough hardworking clothing is now moving into a fashionable, comfortable, supportive product.

CASE STUDY: On-site Vending Machines – A Safe Solution

Many of us could relate to this scenario: We’re out and about and feeling thirsty when suddenly we walk past a vending machine full of drink options, and moments later we’re gratefully downing a water, juice, or flavoured milk. Great!

PROSAFE KULYA Polarised Safety Glasses

Just after sunrise and before sunset the sun can shine directly into drivers’ eyes, leaving many motorists driving with a glare. This glare can make it much harder to see the road ahead and potential hazards creating an added risk to drivers. Sun glare can strike a driver unexpectedly at any time, but is most […]

Improving worker safety with innovative PPE

Selecting the right personal protective equipment (PPE) is therefore a critical element to the hierarchy of control for managing workplace risks.

Delivering innovative safety and workwear solutions

For decades, Blackwoods has been the workwear supplier of choice for local, state and federal governments.


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