Modernising legacy systems at your own pace

Technology has impacted our work and our daily lives, but not everyone is up-to-speed. And that matters, because in today’s virtual and remote-focused world, people need to be able to work efficiently and stay connected more than ever before.

Governments have embarked on their digital transformation journeys to streamline processes, unify disparate teams, deliver better business outcomes, and improve customer and employee experiences. But it’s challenging to figure out how to transform and modernise without disrupting powerful ERP, CRM, and other legacy systems.

The digital transformation journey is exciting and important but how realistic is it? And why isn’t everyone doing it faster? Some agencies are so bogged down managing day-to-day operations or keeping the lights on supporting and maintaining existing applications that they can’t spare the time and money needed to modernise their processes and systems.

Others don’t have the resources or expertise to make the necessary upgrades and changes. The end goal is appealing, but the journey to get there seems daunting, expensive and time-consuming.

Traditional solutions don’t work

What’s stopping the public sector from modernising? Traditional solutions that involve multi-year, multi-million-dollar projects that follow a waterfall mentality and require a massive overhaul of legacy systems without the expertise and support to back it up.

Agencies that attempt to modernise this way are faced with numerous obstacles, such as, lack of executive buy-in, skillset shortages, minimal experience and understanding of project challenges and complexities, and user adoption.

As technological advances continue, the public sector needs to adapt. It needs an ERP modernisation plan that is affordable, efficient, and proven to succeed.

Pega is a leader in simplifying the digital transformation journey. Governments around the world are leveraging Pega’s customer service solutions to modernise legacy applications, streamline processes, and meet ever-evolving constituent expectations.

Your digital transformation journey, reimagined

True transformation requires leaders who can define a shared vision, inspire teams, and remain a steady force. As you read the success stories in the pages ahead, know there is a digital leader at the heart of each achievement.

Download the report to learn how you, too, can lead the movement toward outcome-driven modernisation at your agency.

The future is here. This is an exciting time that doesn’t have to involve tedious processes that discourage and inhibit growth. Instead of wasting your time and money modifying or replacing monolithic systems, experience the best of both worlds with an innovative agile platform that will continue to adapt into the future.

Download the report here.

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