How to select the right government security partner

The Australian security landscape is ever-changing as the threats government organisations face continue to evolve. In the pandemic, the role of security in government is even more important to ensure the safety of the nation’s leaders across local, state and federal levels. 

Here are the three crucial factors government organisations must consider in selecting a security partner. 

1. Understanding government needs

A proven track record in the public sector gives decision-makers confidence in their security partner knowing they are experienced and are able to meet the organisation’s security needs. As part of this, they’ll understand the need to maintain clearances with the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) to validate expertise and integrity. Ultimately security partners should deliver value to governments through the provision of staff with specialised skills and attributes, while maintaining a focus on training and development. 

2. Best-in-class customer service

Customer service is a vital consideration for government organisations in order to uphold their reputation. When deploying physical security guards, customer service skills are crucial in handling challenging situations and helping people through good communication. Deploying the right guard that matches this criteria is a critical role a security partner must execute effectively.

Approachable guards allow government organisations to feel at ease knowing their security personnel are versatile operators that can adapt to any circumstance and remain compliant with regulations. While having friendly and approachable security personnel in the public sector is important, it’s equally important they have the right balance and still come across as a figure of authority.

3. Technology that provides real-time visibility over operations 

Government organisations must have visibility over their security, and technology enables just that. Adopting systems that streamline incident response and reporting processes ensures consistent compliance by removing any potential for human error. Technology enables organisations to shift from reacting to threats or non-compliance, to proactively addressing areas that require further support before they become an issue. 

For example, Certis Security Australia’s Business Operations Support System (BOSS) provides real-time connectivity and reporting that allow security personnel to be better informed and make timely decisions. The platform automates analogue methods, digitising incident reporting and automatically shares the comprehensive report with key stakeholders to provide visibility. BOSS augments manned services by tracking the entrances and exits of key personnel, this ensures staff spend the right time in the right areas of government buildings. The BOSS system can be configured to meet the current needs of teams and businesses and adapt to future needs as well, acting as a real time reporting solution that empowers security.

The right security partner goes beyond the remit of protection, maintaining compliance by deploying measures that make government organisations more efficient. At any level of government, the importance of security is crucial in managing the future unpredictable nature of threats. 

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