Creating workplace harmony

Too many organisations abide a toxic workplace culture, and some managers do not realise that changing this situation starts at the top, writes Richard Dore.

Having a great workplace culture can appear to be rare – and creating one is elusive and near impossible for some managers.

People are often frustrated by their culture, with some describing their workplace as being dominated by negative and toxic personalities, with underhanded and manipulative infighting that stifles growth, innovation and results.

The following ideas will assist you, as a manger, on your journey towards creating a great culture and unlocking roadblocks.

Firstly you must visualise the culture you want and model the behaviour accordingly.

At my workplace we have a saying, which is ‘refl ct the culture that you want’. If you want a great culture it starts with you…culture is caught not taught.

Modelling exceptional behaviour sets a standard and expectation for people to live up to.
Not modelling positive behaviour will at best frustrate people, and at worst be seen as hypocrisy, increasing cynicism. MORE>>

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